10 Ways To Turn Your Bedroom Into A Luxury Hotel ON A BUDGET!

Get my organic here !!!! OMG!!! ⭐ SHEETS:

Sheet Care Wash on a cool fragile cycle to preserve your sheets! I wash them with my regular detergent and add 1 scoop of oxyclean to keep them additional white.
Since bamboo is so soft it's more prone to wrinkling, to prevent this get rid of from the clothes dryer immediately and tuck them tight on your bed!

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✨ Quilt (I utilize this in hotter months, double sheeted).
✨ Duvet insert (get 2 for additional fluffy appearance).
✨ Bed linen fundamental.
✨ Knit throw blanket.
✨ Fluffy sleeping pillows.
✨ Caspar pillow (slightly more firm).
✨ Toss pillow insert 26 x 26.
✨ Throw pillow cover 24 x 24.
✨ Nightstand lamps.
✨ Framed wall art.
✨ Cozy atmosphere senes "comfortable coffeehouse" youtube channel.
✨ Water dispenser.
✨ Book vase.

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10 Ways To Turn Your Bedroom Into A Luxury Hotel ON A BUDGET!