Pillowflex Synthetic Down Pillow Form Insert, 18 by 18-Inch


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Product Description

Finally quality craft pillow inserts that are worthy of being stuffed into your beautiful pillow covers. The covering of this pillow is made from a polyester cotton blend cloth. This Pillowflex pillow form is filled with top quality long lasting polyester fiber that is slick and resistant to lumping and has a great loft for a fuller looking sham. This pillow insert is 100% hypoallergenic and is machine washable. Note that your pillow insert should be larger than your sham to correctly fill out the corners of the sham. Though this pillow can be used a 16x16 sham, for the best look we recommend using these pillows in 15x15 shams. This listing is for 1 pillow. Made in Palmetto, GA USA. Use the below guide to help you select the best size insert for your sham. This chart works with all brands of shams.

Pillow Insert Size Selection Chart
Sham Size Insert Size    Sham Size Insert Size    Sham Size Insert Size
9x9 / 10x10 10x10   13x19 13x19    20x20 22x22
10x10 / 11x11 11x11   14x14 15x15    22x22 24x24
11x11 / 12x12 12x12   15x15 16x16    24x24 26x26
12x12 13x13   16x16 17x17    25x25 27x27
12x16 12x16   16x20 16x20    26x26 28x28
12x18 12x18   16x24/26 16x26    28x28 30x30
12x24 12x24   17x17 18x18    30x30 32x32
13x13 14x14   18x18 20x20       

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  • 18 Inch by 18 Inch Square Pillow Insert
  • Ultra Solf/Machine Washable/Odorless/Hypoallergenic
  • Karate chop look - Similar weight and feel as traditional down
  • Please see sizing chart below
  • Made in Palmetto, GA USA
  • Ultra Solf / Machine Washable / Odorless / Hypoallergenic
  • Karate chop look - Simular weight and feel as traditional down

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