Bambi Bamboo Muslin Swaddle Receiving Blankets, Strawberry Lemon, Extra Large Unisex Breathable Ultra Soft, Baby Shower Gift Registry Essentials

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What Makes Bambi Bamboo Muslin Swaddle Blanket Set the Ultimate Must-Have?

Bambi Bamboo designs and manufactures our products with your well-being in mind.


Babies swaddled with Bambi Bamboo swaddle blankets sleep longer and sounder, experience less anxiety and be happy babies the next day,. Using Bambi Bamboo swaddle blankets, parents can avoid other crib items such as pillows, bumpers,stuffed animals etc.. to comfort babies


Bambi Bamboo swaddle blankets mimic the security of mother's womb, sooth babies with colic,result in much less crying, more stable heart rate and sleep peacefully longer. Swaddling prevents face scratching and overheat thanks to the natural attributes of bamboo material is temperature regulation while mimicking mommy's gentle touch, which is important for baby especially when they wake up at night.


Parents of little babies will love this elegant and multi-functional swaddle blanket set which serves as baby's items: receiving blanket, tummy time mat, play mat, nursing shield, swaddle blanket, stroller cover, burp cloth, changing table cover, car seat liner, portable crib sheet, etc.. or mommy's accessories: shawl, scarf, blouse, skirt, dress, beach cover,..


Swaddling benefits parents too -- when baby sleeps more, mom and dad sleep more!


  • 🍋 SLEEPLESS NIGHTS ARE A THING OF THE PAST - lack of sleep sucks, doesn't it? Our Bambi Bamboo muslin swaddle blankets create a safe and cozy cocoon, that mimics mother's womb, prevents newborns from startling themselves awake with random arm movements, and stimulates sleep continuity. Babies cannot regulate their own temperature until 18 months but thanks to the premium benefits of bamboo which naturally regulates temperature, it keeps baby bodies at right temperature for a sound sleep
  • 🍓 PROMOTES GOOD SLEEP HABIT - Using Bambi Bamboo muslin swaddle blankets, parents can skip other crib items such as pillows, bumpers, stuffed animals etc.. to sooth babies. The softest swaddle blankets are also breathable, promoting a safe, comfortable sleep for the baby and preventing overheating, helps babies fall asleep faster, sounder, and helps develop healthy sleep habits. The only blankets that are cool in the summer and warm in the winter.
  • 🍋 FEELS SILKY SOFTNESS & MOST COMFY THAN ANY BRANDS - Bambi Bamboo swaddle blankets are luxurious soft and smooth to the touch and continue getting softer after every wash. 70% bamboo for the ultimate softness and 30% cotton for lasting strength and durability. Our super large swaddle blankets wrap infants up snugly and makes it possible to snuggle your newborn to their toddler years, can be used in a variety of ways that outstrip the basic receiving wrap.
  • 🍓 LIGHTS UP YOUR DAYS WITH COMPLIMENTS FROM PEOPLE WHEREVER YOU GO - As a mom, you have 1001 things to do to take care of the baby which leaves you no time to dress yourself in style. But imagine if you get one, two,...tens compliments when you are out and about with the baby with the DIY stylish coverlets, accessories: blouse, skirt, dress, shawl, beach cover...from our extra large blanket which can quickly convert back into baby items, breastfeeding cover in no time, it will surely Make Your Day!
  • 🍋 MAMA KNOWS ALL & SOLVES ALL - Need play mats, pram cover, car seat canopy, nursing cover, changing blanket, comfort blankets, burp cloth, tummy time mat? The list can go on and on but you just need our blankets to serve all those purposes. The blankets can also be used with older babies for sleeping, as a stroller blanket or even for a clean surface for babies and toddlers to play and crawl around on and keep germs at bay. Printable nursery room & bathroom decors will be emailed as a gift

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